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Monday, April 26, 2010

Taking Our Country Back

Taking Our Country Back

The purpose of this post is threefold: To show that the Progressive movement in America is responsible for much of our problems / To explain why we should be thankful for what we are going through / To explain why a 3rd party approach to solving our problem is the wrong approach


We've been called every name in the book: Angry Mob, Nazis, Racists, Rednecks, Teabaggers, Terrorists, UnAmerican, Astroturf. We've been accused of hating Obama, being against government, not wanting to pay taxes...You name it, we've carried that label. NONE of it is true...with ONE possible exception. We ARE ANGRY! We have every right to be. But we are NONE of the other.

Let me tell you what we are: We are Patriots! Freedom-Loving, average, ordinary Americans who love their country, but who understand that there is a problem. We understand that we are in serious trouble. Probably the most serious trouble we've faced since the Revolutionary War. Yes...more serious than the Civil War, World War I, AND World War II. What separates us from everyone else in this nation is that, not only do we understand there is a problem, but we are ready, willing, and able to stand up, be counted, and are doing something about it.


The primary role of the Tea Party movement is educating people about what's happening. I'd like to focus on three areas that I feel are very important for us to know about. Sure, there are other areas to be concerned with...these are three I feel compelled to discuss at this time:

What's Really Wrong With America? (Progressives)
Why We Should Be Optimistic? (The Awakening)
Why A Third Party is a Bad Idea.(Looking Ahead to 2010 & Beyond: Election / Third Parties)

My goal is to give you some information to help you better appreciate the importance of taking our country back from the radicals now in control of our government. It is CRUCIAL that we succeed in this endeavor.

let's start with What's Really Wrong With America?

Instead of God-fearing, Constitution-minded, Freedom-loving, Patriotic Americans leading this nation, we have Godless, UnConstitutional, Freedom-hating, UnAmerican cowards leading us. Strong words, I know. But, I stand by them.

However, there are some true Patriots in Congress who are fighting right along with us. Who can forget Rep Michelle Bachman's impassioned speech on the House floor in which she described our current government as a, “Gangster Government”? And, she's absolutely correct. Because, there are those who have shown by their actions, their votes, and their words, that they are against the American people—against our freedoms and liberties!—WHO ARE THEY?

Over a century ago, members of the Socialist Party of America and the Communist Party of America were busy trying to win national elections. For the most part, they failed. They decided to take over one of the already established parties and chose the Democrat Party.

Today, these socialists and communists are still with us. They call themselves Progressives and make up what is known as the Congressional Progressive Caucus within the Democrat Party.

Some important points to understand about these Progressives is the following:
- Although there are only 83 card-carrying members of this caucus (33%), most present-day Democrats support the Progressive agenda.
- Whenever you see the term, “Progressive”, you must substitute the term, “communist”, to get a complete and accurate sense of what is being said.
- Progressives have little regard for the US Constitution and are relentlessly attempting to destroy its authority. The US Constitution, to them, is a “flawed”, and “outdated” document, written for another time. According to them, we've evolved, and grown beyond the “constraints” of the Constitution. As such, these Progressives are responsible for much of the unconstitutional legislation that has been passed by Congress over the past century.
- In Florida, our very own Corrine Brown is a proud member. So is Alan Grayson, and Alcee Hastings. EVERY ONE OF THESE MEMBERS MUST BE DEFEATED--if we are to save our nation from further ruin!
- But, the most important, and most troubling point: Of the 20 standing committees of the House, 11—more than 50%—are chaired by members of the CPC! But, allow me to put that in terms that illustrate the true gravity of the situation... “Half of the standing committees in the House of Representatives of the United States of America...ARE CHAIRED BY COMMUNISTS! That...Is a Problem! AND IT'S UNACCEPTABLE IN A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, or at least it ought to be.

So, given all that, why should We be optimistic? Well, I think I have some sound reasons to share with you. Here is what I see:

You will come to know some of the finest people on the planet through this. And, you will develop some of the most important and enduring relationships as well. I know I have and have heard many others express the same.

But, the most important reason is that it's caused the American people to awaken. We have been on a gradual decline into some kind of Marxist/Socialist/Communist hybrid of a government for decades. The radical agenda of the Obama administration has helped us to realize what was happening and given us compelling reasons to rise up in opposition. But I think it's important that this happen now and I am thankful (optimistic) because it is happening now. Why? Several reasons:

- These Progressives want more government dependency that will ultimately result in perpetual Democrat-controlled government. That's one of their goals and they have been succeeding. For example, today almost 50% of Americans pay no federal income taxes. This is by design to ensure their votes. So, If not now, would our progeny be able (willing)to mount an effective resistance? I doubt it.

- Today's 16 year-olds will be eligible to vote in 2012. Our children's generation are not being properly taught about our heritage, the important differences between socialist and capitalist systems, nor are they taught the Charters of Freedom. The liberals control our education system and they are systematically indoctrinating our kids to turn them into good little socialists.

- Our government has been out of control for a long time. It did not begin with Obama. He simply accelerated our rate of decline. But, now that we're awake, engaged, and motivated, we have an opportunity to return our government to what our Founders meant it to be: a Constitutional Republic, with a federal government having limited powers. But, can we do it? The answer is, Yes! All it takes is having principled, honest, Constitution-minded Representatives in Congress, the Presidency, and Supreme Court.

Which brings me to point #3: Why A Third Party is a Bad Idea (Looking Ahead to 2010 & Beyond: Election / Third Parties)

On November 6, 2009, the Tea Party qualified as a political party for the Florida ballot in 2010. The founder and present Chairman is Fred O'Neal, who some news sources refer to as a “conservative”. However, it was later revealed that he had been a registered Democrat.

Referring to this, a liberal blog site had the following (Blogging Blue):

“Personally, I think the Tea Party is a great idea, because a far, far-right alternative to the already far-right trending GOP is certain to divide the conservative vote, which could be a boon for Democrats in Florida.”

Today, Peg Dunmire is set to run as the Tea Party candidate for Alan Grayson's seat (8th Congressional). She will only succeed in pulling votes away from Grayson's Republican opponent, ensuring Grayson's return to Congress.

Ross Perot's third party bid is the only reason there ever was a “President” Clinton. He garnered enough of the conservative vote to give Clinton a majority.

The left knows they are in trouble. What are their options? Split the conservative vote, cheat, lie, steal. We can't do much about their cheating, but we can thwart their efforts to split the conservative vote by shunning all mention of third party. Plus, it must be said that 3rd party or unregistered voters cannot vote in primaries.

The takeover of this nation by these Progressives has been a planned, gradual process...and they are currently ahead on points. They've won some major battles. But, what matters is who wins the war. WE CAN win this thing, but, in order to do so we must make huge strides in November and then again in 2012. We MUST take back the House and make major inroads in the Senate.

So, “What's wrong with America?” The answer: Nothing that a return to the principles espoused by the US Constitution and our other Freedom Documents wouldn't fix. And we begin to do that by firing every Progressive in our Congress.

Finally, Our Message to Congress:

This is OUR government, We Don't like what you've done to it, and WE WANT IT BACK!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Resource Links on Progressivism

[If link fails to work, please copy and paste into your browser address window]

Socialism in America: Far Left Democrats Setting the Policy Agenda:
Note: In the PDF version there is a list of members on page 7

The Truth About Progressives - aka Marxists:

The Insolent Arrogance of the Progressive-Left:
What's Wrong With America?

For most of last year, I carried a sign to various Tea Party events. It read, “2010 is Coming...Congress, Start Packing”. Of course, I'll now have to update that to read, “2010 is HERE...Congress Start Packing”. But I digress. The point is that we have to follow through on that message. We must issue pink slips to EVERY SINGLE ONE of our elected Representatives in Congress—Or do we?

Since the inception of the Tea Party and other Patriot movements, there have been (and still are) several initiatives based entirely on this concept. “Get Out Of Our House” (GOOOH) and “Kick Them All Out”, come to mind. Their rallying cry is essentially, “FIRE EVERY ONE OF THEM”--and with good reason. Many of our Representatives have shown themselves to be totally unworthy to hold elective for one ill-conceived, boneheaded, unconstitutional initiative after another. But not all of them!

I think it's a mistake to send EVERY SINGLE MEMBER to the unemployment line. There are some true Patriots in Congress who are, and have been, fighting the good fight...right along with us. Who can forget Rep Michelle Bachman's impassioned speech on the House floor in which she described our current government as a, “Gangster Government”? Throw her out? That would be shameful.

But then, there are those who have shown by their actions, their votes, and their words, that they are against the American people. THESE ARE THE ONES WE MUST RETIRE! But how do we know who they are?

Well, here's a thought. Why not identify those members of Congress most responsible for our current state of affairs—AS WELL AS— for most of the other Marxist, socialist, communist and unconstitutional initiatives of the last 100 years? Can it be done? Can we know who these people are? Well, to coin a phrase, YES, WE CAN!

In fact, I'm not only going to tell you how to readily identify these people—those who would destroy this nation—BUT ALSO—what to do about it.

So, who are they, and how do we identify them? Let's begin with “Who They Are”. In general terms, quite simply, they are Marxists, Socialists, and/or Communists and have been around for over 100 years, dating back to the time of Woodrow Wilson, for all practical purposes.

They hide their true natures because they know they cannot win national elections by running openly as far leftists. The Socialist and Communist Parties of America tried to do so early in the 20th century, but failed—repeatedly! So, they hijacked one of the already established political parties, the Democrat party.

Since they realize how distasteful the old descriptive terms were to most Americans (socialists, communists, etc.), today, they go by the more “gentle” term, “PROGRESSIVES”. Yes, the so-called Progressives of today were yesterday's communists and socialists. However, their goals remain the same. Only the name was changed to protect the truly guilty.

Think about it. Both Clinton and Obama ran as moderates, talking about “conservative” issues, like Tax Cuts, Free Markets, etc. However, once elected, they reverted to form, and began governing from the far left.

Now that we know, “Who They Are” and what their true nature is like, how do we identify them? Well, this is actually the easy part. Simply look at how they vote, and listen to what they say. They are against the very people they're supposed to represent and they generally support legislation that is clearly unconstitutional, and NOT representative of the American people. Specifically:

- They propose legislation and vote against the interests of the American people (Healthcare, Immigration, Cap & Tax, Cardcheck, The Fairness Doctrine, etc.).
- They have little regard for the US Constitution and are relentlessly attempting to destroy it. In furthering their agenda, they champion social causes that SEEM to be ok...causes that a significant number of people might deem to be “needed”, but that are clearly unconstitutional. But, that's never an issue for these folks because the US Constitution, to them, is a “flawed”, and “outdated” document, written for another time. According to them, we've evolved, and grown beyond the “constraints” of the Constitution.
- They speak in terms of economic and social inequality and justice, which provides cover for their redistributive schemes.
- They have never met a tax they didn't like (especially a tax on the so-called rich).
- And, because they can't reveal their true intentions, they are also inclined to tell whoppers while campaigning! Obama: “95% of Americans won't see their taxes go up one dime”. A LIE! Or, “I support free markets”. ANOTHER LIE!

But let's get even more specific. Where do we find these people?

I am ashamed to admit that some are found in the Republican Party, or are Independents. However, most of these people reside within the Democrat Party as part of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), which is the largest caucus within the Democrat Party in the US Congress. It has 83 declared members, who work to advance progressive issues and positions.

The CPC was founded in 1991 and is currently co-chaired by Representatives Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA). But, here's the frightening part: Of the 20 standing committees of the House, 11—more than 50%—are chaired by members of the CPC! That, Folks...Is a Problem!

In Florida, our very own Corrine Brown is a member. So is Alan Grayson, and Alcee Hastings. [Toward the end of this, I'll tell you where to find a complete list of these scoundrels. Folks! EVERY ONE OF THESE MEMBERS MUST BE DEFEATED, BEGINNING IN 2010! They are responsible for much of the unconstitutional legislation that has been passed by Congress over the past century. We have an opportunity to put a stop to it--and we must--if we are to save our nation from further ruin!

Ok, we now know, Who They Are, How to Identify them, and We also know Where to Find Them. So now, what can we do about it?

First, get the list of Congressional Progressive Caucus members. You can probably find it by doing a computer search, but you can also go to the following blog site, which will have some additional info:

Next, determine if YOUR representative is among them. If so, resolve to actively oppose them. How? Contribute to their constitution-minded opponent. Or, become politically involved by volunteering your time to organizations with similar goals.

Then, determine if you have friends or relatives living within the districts of any of the others. If so, contact them and inform them about this issue. If you have the means, contribute there as well.

Then, since it's not enough to just fire these radicals, leaving a void, you must identify, encourage, and support Constitution-minded candidates to replace these Progressives.

Next, register to vote in one of the two main political parties, either Democrat or Republican. Do not complain about what's happening if you fail to do this. Libertarians, Independents! Moderates! Get off the fence and pick a side! This is too important for you not to.

Finally, Three words: Vote, Vote, Vote!

There is a lot more information on this topic and it is crucial that you are exposed to it, because the very fate of this nation may very well rest on how successful we are beginning this year. And success, in this case, begins with knowledge.

Please visit elsewhere on this site for more information and a list of members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Also, get online and do your due diligence. Find out everything you can about these Progressives, their agenda, and their plans for this nation.

The takeover of this nation by these Progressives has been a planned, gradual process...and they are currently ahead on points. They've won some major battles. But, what matters is who wins the war. WE CAN win this thing, but, in order to do so we must make huge strides in November and then again in 2012. At a minimum, We MUST take back the House and make major inroads in the Senate. If not, all may be lost.

That is why it has to be now, it must begin with us! With each one of you!

I began by asking the question, “What's wrong with America?” The answer: Nothing that a return to the principles espoused by the US Constitution and our other Charters of Freedom wouldn't fix. And we begin to do that by firing every Progressive in our Congress.

This is OUR government! We DON'T like what's being done to it! AND, WE WANT IT BACK!

Tax Day Tea Party Impressions 4/15/10 Jacksonville, FL

Wow! What an awesome experience!

While I don't have a firm number on attendees, there were at LEAST as many as last year, although the crowd density did seem to be somewhat higher to me (last year was at 5000+).

The event was informative, as well as inspiring. We heard many excellent speeches on a variety of relevant topics, but the highlight had to be the message delivered by our keynote speaker, Star Parker (

This incredible woman gave an impassioned speech (sans telepromter) about her transformation from a single welfare mom to a powerful, Black, conservative crusader for REAL change in the Black community.

She shined the light of truth on the evil inherent in our welfare system and spoke about other issues of note. I'm sure this will be up on YouTube in the very near future so everyone can hear her speak.

On another note, I'd like to relate what I can only consider to be VERY GOOD news.

I attended the Tax Day event last year right here in Jacksonville. As far as I could tell, there were only TWO Black Americans in attendance, Chris Nwasike (the MC), and yours truly. There may have been others, but, if so, I didn't see them.

At THIS event, I deliberately made my way completely around the venue (the Landing) twice, looking for fresh black faces. By my "unofficial" count, there were at least 40-45 Black Americans in attendance, besides Chris and me. But, I must emphasize that I more than likely missed a few so the number is probably a lot higher. That, folks, is progress, and it is significant.

At any rate, I am SO PUMPED after that event. As far as I know, there were no "incidents" of note, nor were there any disruptions from the, "Crash The Tea Party" group. All in all, a very good event.

Thanks go to Billie Tucker and the other organizers for their inspired leadership, to the volunteers for their selfless service, to all the speakers for their inspired words of wisdom, and to all who attended for their dedication and sacrifice for the cause.

History was made yesterday. Every American who loves freedom knows it. Soon, those who don't will too.


Friday, January 22, 2010

What More Can We Do?!

Many have asked some variant of the following question: "After all that we've done, our representatives still won't listen to us. What more can we do?"

Answer #1: We already have a great start in what happened recently in the Virginia, New Jersey and New York races. Then came the "Massachusetts Massacre". Without the Tea Party and other Patriot initiatives, none of those would have occurred. So, don't feel as though our efforts have been wasted.

Answer #2: DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT allow these sweet victories (yes, I count New York as a victory as well) to cause us to let up...not for an instant. Do everything you can to identify, support and campaign for (if appropriate) Patriotic, Unabashedly-Pro-American, Principled, Constitutionalists who understand that document and will stand by it by subjecting ALL proposals and legislation through the prism that is the US CONSTITUTION. If it fails that test, the vote must be, "NO"!

Answer #3: Get involved in the selection process for candidates at the precinct level. This strategy (The Precinct Strategy) has already produced some tangible results and is helping to propel the "right" candidates to become nominated. Details at:

Answer #4: No matter which Patriot Group(s) you are currently affiliated with, there is one group that ALL Patriots should join. The group is called, "Freedom Force USA": www.FreedomForce.US

Freedom Force seeks to "UNIFY" all other Patriot group factions.
More info:

The ultimate goals of this Patriot movement, in my view, must be:
A. Replace ALL incumbents, except those who have demonstrated a commitment to the values and principles that have made this nation the envy of the world, AS OUTLINED BY THE US CONSTITUTION!

B. Subject ALL would-be candidates to the one litmus test that makes sense--The US CONSTITUTION! Anyone who has not, or cannot, unwaveringly uphold, support, and defend that document is unworthy to hold ANY PUBLIC OFFICE in this great nation of ours--PERIOD! And I mean from dog-catcher on up!

Think about this: What would this country be like if all of our Senators and Representatives subjected every piece of legislation to that one document?

So, the question that has to be answered is: "How do I find such a candidate and how will I vet him or her? "

Fortunately, that part is being taken care of by a Patriot Group known as "ICaucus" or the "Independence Caucus". They have a very in depth educational arm as well as a vetting process that has already vetted, or is in the process of vetting, dozens of candidates around the nation.

These three initiatives are now working in unison, in sort of a symbiotic relationship that I believe is, at least PART of, the answer.

The subject of this email, Judge Don Lowery for Congress....special election, Illinois, has been vetted and endorsed by ICaucus. Mark Kirk is the front runner, and the choice of the Republican party establishment...and Kirk is currently a Representative who voted for TARP and was one of only 8 Republicans to vote for Cap and Trade which you may recall passed by only 7 votes.

This special election, is only days away (Feb 2nd). See the article below for tips on what you can do.

Folks, we have the capacity to wield tremendous power in ANY election process...if we are informed, committed, and all pulling in the same direction. Let's send another message, not only to Washington, but to the GOP leadership as well. "We are sick and tired of 'Liberal-Lite'. If you can't provide us with suitable candidates...we'll supply our own".



For Immediate Release


Please read the information below from Illinois Caucus
Our entire push this year is to get the RIGHT candidates in office. They have vetted and approved with stellar recommendations, Judge Don Lowery for Congress....special election

The Republican Party has endorsed a candidate that voted on Tarp and Cap and Trade. He refused to be vetted by the Illinois Caucus. Please do your own research, but if you want to make a difference in this vote: take action. We only have 11 days!

Independence Caucus
A Citizen's movement to take back government from "Big Money" Interests groups
A message to all members of Independence Caucus
Greetings to all members:

I-caucus has a Horse in the Illinois Race and he needs your help !!!

This past weekend, Illinois I-caucus members endorsed Judge Don Lowery in Illinois and I am excited to see such a stellar candidate emerge from the vetting process.

Here's problem #1: Mark Kirk is the front runner, and the choice of the Republican party establishment...and Kirk is currently a Representative who voted for TARP and was one of only 8 Republicans to vote for Cap and Trade which you may recall passed by only 7 votes.

Here's problem #2: There are several challengers who are all currently splitting votes amongst themselves which is working to Mark Kirk's advantage

Here's problem #3: A lot of media types, even some of the Fox News media types, are touting Patrick Hughes as the "tea party" or "grass roots" candidate...but Hughes is not the true fiscally responsible constitutional candidate in this race!

OK, so now Here's SOLUTION #1: YOU are the solution!

Beginning Right Now today, we need every I-caucus member to do whatever they can to spread the word about Judge Lowery in Illinois.

WE have 11 days and 11 days only!


1 - Email anyone and everyone you know in Illinois about Judge Lowery and our endorsement.


2 - Post on blogs and comment sections anywhere and everywhere you can about Judge Lowery...especially if you see posts that are supporting anyone else.


3 - You have info above on Mark Kirk..."TARP" and "Cap and trade" are sufficient to write him off. Make sure Illinois voters know about it!


4 - Here's some important info for you, because we must let grass roots activists and the media know that Hughes is NOT the right choice and NOT the choice of grassroots tea party members in Illinois:

A) Patrick Hughes would not agree to go through our vetting process, despite repeated attempts by local members to get him to do so and despite a personal email plea I sent to his campaign manager explaining who we are and that we wanted to help keep Kirk out of office.

B) This is huge: The Illinois Conservative Network, a respected grassroots group, just switched their endorsement on January 15th away from Patrick Hughes...and over to our endorsed candidate Judge Lowery:

C) As reported by our friends over at ResistNet, Tea Party members of Kane County (KCAP) which is home to Ililnois' 2nd largest city have endorsed Lowery over Hughes:

D) The Southern Illinois Tea party has vetted and approved Lowery over hughes AND they announced yesterday (Jan. 21st) that "there are groups looking to come into Illinois and capitalize on the tea party movement. They are trying to speak for us and to push a
candidate (Hughes) that we have seen in person and have rejected."

E) Our friends at the are reporting that the Illinois State Rifle Association has endorsed Judge Lowery:

f) and then the Gun owners of America endorsed Judge Lowery:


5 - Here's some good info about Judge Lowery:

You tube about Judge Lowery:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Reclaiming America: Patriots United

I have been accused of being somewhat of a recluse over the past couple of months -- "Guilty As Charged"! However, it's all been by design.

Since the beginning of the Tea Party movement earlier this year and especially since the DC trip, I've been struggling with one all-consuming fear. That the movement (to include ALL freedom-loving Patriotic groups) would become fractured as time went on as different agendas began to emerge. That fear has long since been realized. We now have more than 2000 different Patriot groups across the nation. Unfortunately, we also have more than 2000 differing agendas that are often at odds with one another. This is not good.

However, I was confident that others were struggling with the same fear and that someone(s), somewhere would develop something to address this challenge. In truth, efforts are already underway to unite some of these factions, especially within the "Tea Party" movement. But even if this effort to unite is "successful", I realized, as have all of you, that no effort will truly succeed that does not translate into votes at the ballot box. I understood that there needed to be some vehicle that would enable the conservative movement within these Patriot groups to be able to effectively lobby (I know--bad word) our legislators in Washington.

Let's face it! We've tried talking, protesting, sign-waving, writing, calling, faxing, and visiting with them -- all to no avail. We even sent 1.7 million of our best "Ambassadors of Freedom" to Washington, DC. Still, we are ignored. Why? Three basic reasons:
1. Simply because they've seen this sort of thing before (although never on this scale) and we've always forgotten about their misdeeds by the next election. We vote them right back into office. They are not convinced that this time is any different.
2. A politician responds best to money. They listen to whomever it is that is funding them. In essence, money trumps votes (or the threat of a non-vote). So, they listen to what we have to say, then listen to the lobbyists who fund them. If they value the lobbyist's donation more than they fear the electorate, they respond favorably to the lobbyist. This folks, is reality.
3. They don't see us as a unified group of millions of conservatives. Rather, they see 2000 fractured, bickering, unfocused groups jockeying for position and political influence.

I have spent the past couple of months attempting to find that vehicle and am confident that I've met with success.

It's called, "Freedom Force". The web site is:

Rather than trying to tell you what it's all about, I encourage you to visit the site and immediately start reviewing the material there.


FreedomForce On FaceBook

FreedomForce On YouTube

Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible

Making the Tea Party Tangible

Tangible Tea Party Tactics

I Pledge My Allegiance to the Charters of Freedom

One thing I will say by way of clarification. This is NOT something to join in lieu of the Tea Party, or 912Project, or FreedomWorks, or The Patriotic Resistance, or Grassfire, or whatever group you currently belong to. Continue with what you are doing. This is simply an effort to harness that energy inherent in all Patriot Groups combined, to bring focus to what we all say we want...a return to the traditional principles and values that we all cherish under the rule of law as afforded by the US Constitution. This will entail becoming an effective, laser-focused force at the ballot box. We can do this. Please join today, acquaint yourself with the basic plan, and then encourage others to get involved.

Since the "March on Washington, I've listened to many discussions and lamentations about, "What now?" Well, THIS is now!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama’s Bow to “World Opinion” – by Thomas Sowell

There are any number of good, solid reasons why bringing the five 9/11 terrorists to NY for trial is a bad idea. Thomas Sowell cites one of the most insidious in this article.


Obama’s Bow to “World Opinion” – by Thomas Sowell
Posted By Thomas Sowell On November 17, 2009 @ 12:00 am

In the string of amazing decisions made during the first year of the Obama administration, nothing seems more like sheer insanity than the decision to try foreign terrorists, who have committed acts of war against the United States, in federal court, as if they were American citizens accused of crimes.

Terrorists are not even entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention, much less the Constitution of the United States. Terrorists have never observed, nor even claimed to have observed, the Geneva Convention, nor are they among those covered by it.

But over and above the utter inconsistency of what is being done is the utter recklessness it represents. The last time an attack on the World Trade Center was treated as a matter of domestic criminal justice was after a bomb was exploded there in 1993. Under the rules of American criminal law, the prosecution had to turn over all sorts of information to the defense— information that told the Al Qaeda international terrorist network what we knew about them and how we knew it.

This was nothing more and nothing less than giving away military secrets to an enemy in wartime— something for which people have been executed, as they should have been. Secrecy in warfare is a matter of life and death. Lives were risked and lost during World War II to prevent Nazi Germany from discovering that Britain had broken its supposedly unbreakable Enigma code and could read their military plans that were being radioed in that code.

“Loose lips sink ships” was the World War II motto in the United States. But loose lips are mandated under the rules of criminal prosecutions.

Tragically, this administration seems hell-bent to avoid seeing acts of terrorism against the United States as acts of war. The very phrase “war on terrorism” is avoided, as if that will stop the terrorists’ war on us.

The mindset of the left behind such thinking was spelled out in an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle, which said that “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the professed mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, will be tried the right way— the American way, in a federal courtroom where the world will see both his guilt and the nation’s adherence to the rule of law.”

This is not the rule of law but the application of laws to situations for which they were not designed.

How many Americans may pay with their lives for the intelligence secrets and methods that can forced to be disclosed to Al Qaeda was not mentioned. Nor was there mention of how many foreign nations and individuals whose cooperation with us in the war on terror have been involved in countering Al Qaeda— nor how many foreign nations and individuals will have to think twice now, before cooperating with us again, when their role can be revealed in court to our enemies, who can exact revenge on them.

Behind this decision and others is the notion that we have to demonstrate our good faith to other nations, sometimes called “world opinion.” Just who are these saintly nations whose favor we must curry, at the risk of American lives and the national security of the United States?

Internationally, the law of the jungle ultimately prevails, despite pious talk about “the international community” and “world opinion,” or the pompous and corrupt farce of the United Nations. Yet this is the gallery to which Barack Obama has been playing, both before and after becoming President of the United States.

In the wake of the obscenity of a trial of terrorists in federal court for an act of war— and the worldwide propaganda platform it will give them— it may seem to be a small thing that President Obama has been photographed yet again bowing deeply to a foreign ruler. But how large or small an act is depends on its actual consequences, not on whether the politically correct intelligentsia think it is no big deal.

As a private citizen, Barack Obama has a right to make as big a jackass of himself as he wants to. But, as President of the United States, his actions not only denigrate a nation that other nations rely on for survival, but raise questions about how reliable our judgment and resolve are — which in turn raises questions about whether those nations will consider themselves better off to make the best deal they can with our enemies.